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Robert Sutherland Clarke, Jr.

Robert Sutherland Clarke, Jr.

No. 2004028 April 1928 - 29 June 1981

Died: Robert Packer Hospital, Sayre, Pennsylvania
Buried: Green Hills Cemetery, Dryden, New York

BOB WAS BORN in Brooklyn, New York, on 28 April 1928. He was the son of Elizabeth Bryan Clarke of Newport, Rhode Island, and the late Dr. Robert S. Clarke. His family moved to Boston and then to Newport, Rhode Island, where Bob grew up.

After graduating from St. George's School, Middletown, Rhode Island, where he was awarded the St. George's Medal, Bob enlisted in the Army. He set his goal for admittance to West Point and received an appointment from Rhode Island. Bob always had a great desire to go to West Point and his dream came true when he graduated with the Class of 1954 and finally married the girl who waited for him, Margaret Bertero of Cornwall-on-Hudson, New York. He chose the Artillery for his branch of service and was stationed at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. He also served overseas in Germany.

In 1960 Bob entered civilian life and became a math and science instructor at the Manlius School for boys, Manlius, New York. Later he taught at George Junior Republic in Freeville, New York. Teaching at this school was a great challenge since the students were sent there by the courts. Naturally, these students were anxiously awaiting a new teacher to put to the test. It was tough going at first, but by the time Bob left he had them in the palm of his hand, and received many notes of affectionate goodbyes. He always had respect for everyone and felt that if you treat a person with respect, no matter what his background was, some good would come from it. And it worked in later years as he always had one or two misplaced teenagers living at his home while they got their lives straightened out a little.

After several years of teaching, Bob decided to go into the business world. He started out as a buyer in a manufacturing company. His last job was as a purchasing agent and manager. He enjoyed his work and devoted many hours to it. He unceasingly pursued all new knowledge concerning the purchasing field. Bob became the Director of the Purchasing Management Association of the Southern Tier-East, New York State. In April 1980, the president of the association sent a letter to Stow Manufacturing Company, Binghamton, New York, where Bob was employed, and one paragraph read as follows:

"Bob's wise and able leadership has assisted us to grow from 45 to 80 members. His devotion has assisted in helping to shape policies to aid our members to be better educated in the field of purchasing. He has always stressed the importance of being professional."

Bob went into the hospital for open-heart surgery and died in the operating room. We all had great hopes for a successful operation, but instead God called him back home. We, his family, will miss him dearly.

He is survived by his wife Margaret; two sons, Steven and David; two daughters, Barbara and Susan; five grandchildren; his mother, Elizabeth; and two brothers, Townsend and George.

His family now resides at 29 Ferguson Road, Dryden, New York.

Originally published in ASSEMBLY, September 1982

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